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Recent Consulting Projects

Migrate SQL Server 2014 to Microsoft Azure

Recently, TEKZYS successfully completed a project for a health insurance company, migrating their on-premises SQL Server 2014 to Microsoft Azure. This migration involved careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to their operations. By transitioning to Azure, the company now benefits from enhanced scalability, improved security, and reduced maintenance costs. Our expert team handled the entire process, from initial assessment to final deployment, providing a seamless transition and enabling the client to leverage the full potential of cloud-based solutions for their critical data and applications.

Complete Network Stack Replacement

TEKZYS recently completed a comprehensive network infrastructure upgrade for an organization by replacing their Sonicwall Firewall and gateway, Cisco switches, and Unifi WiFi radios with Datto DNA, Datto Switches, and Datto WiFi Radios. This upgrade has significantly enhanced the organization's network performance, security, and reliability. Our team expertly managed the installation and configuration, ensuring a seamless transition with minimal downtime. We now remotely monitor and manage this equipment, providing proactive support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security for the organization’s IT infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation

TEKZYS just implemented a customized Dynamics 365 for Sales solution for a construction company, tailored to their unique project management needs. We developed a system where a master opportunity can hold sub-opportunities, allowing each sub-opportunity to be won or lost independently of the master opportunity. This customization is essential for managing complex construction projects, providing the company with greater flexibility and detailed tracking of individual project components. Our team ensured seamless integration and provided comprehensive training, enabling the client to efficiently manage their sales pipeline and enhance their project management capabilities.

Experienced IT professionals who provide technology expertise and guidance to help your business grow within your budget

Planning and forecasting for your business’s long-term future is a difficult task especially if you don’t have expertise in all aspects of management, IT being one of them. Estimating the costs of your future technology investments can be the difference between reaching the next step or taking huge losses in the long term — but you still have a difficult decision to make. Instead of taking on all the responsibilities, why not rely on the experience of a partner like TEKZYS to help you out?

Our team of IT consultants has helped businesses in Southern California reach their full potential through hassle-free IT project management and careful long-term IT planning. TEKZYS acts as your virtual CTO by creating IT strategy that reflects your vision and goals for the future while communicating regularly. We will act as guides who will answer your questions and explain why you need to invest in your technology to unlock more productivity at low costs.

Our IT project managers will take on the burden of making your IT projects fit into your budgets and timelines and play a major role in executing these projects so you don’t have to. By relying on TEKZYS as the IT consultants for your SoCal business, you can look forward to maximizing your IT investments to reach high levels of productivity with minimal hassle.

it consulting services dallas

Why choose TEKZYS Managed IT Services for your organization in Los Angeles?

Every SMB deserves a chance at success, so our dedicated team works with clients of all sizes and from every walk of life to ensure they can compete in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Since 2012, TEKZYS has been providing IT support, technology consulting, and digital transformation services to businesses in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. We believe that any business, no matter their size or industry, can and should improve their operations with efficient technology solutions and expert IT services.

Whether you operate a large tech business or run a small professional services business with just a few employees, TEKZYS will transform your technology from a basic asset to a powerful tool that leads to more growth and greater success. We make it our mission to shoulder the burdens of managing your IT so you can focus on driving your business to meet its full potential.
TEKZYS also has strong partnerships with the leading business technology manufacturers and suppliers, so we often are able to offer special deals to our customers. Contact the TEKZYS team today, and we’ll have a detailed discussion to find the solutions that align best with your needs and budget.

Choosing our Managed IT Services means you’ll enjoy:

Clear Planning and IT Strategy

Your future IT investments and projects will be laid out clearly so you can budget and plan for the future

Professional IT Project Management

All your IT projects will be managed by experienced professionals who will get the job done on time and within budget

Scalable IT Operations

We can help you efficiently scale up or scale down your business IT without wasting time or resources

Expert Guidance

Contact us whenever you seek clarification on IT investments or operations and we’ll answer your questions to the best of our abilities

We make life easier by providing a single source for all of your IT services and solutions

Managed IT Services

A comprehensive suite of services that keep your IT running smoothly at all times, including 24/7/365 support delivered exclusively by Tier 3 engineers

IT Consulting

IT project management, technology planning, and budgeting services to equip you for future success

VoIP Solutions

Cloud PBX and other managed business communication solutions to increase collaboration and improve customer experiences

Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure migration, custom infrastructure, and other expert services to ensure you get maximum value from the cloud

Microsoft 365

The world’s most effective cloud productivity suite, optimized, configured, and managed for you by our certified experts

Cybersecurity Solutions

Robust cybersecurity tools and employee training to keep you safe from evolving online threats

Disaster Recovery Planning

Consulting services that prepare your business for any catastrophe so you can bounce back fast

Data Backup Solutions

Effective, reliable, and automated data backup solutions that ensure your business is never without its vital data

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer customized IT services that address all of your technology needs. Our team will manage your day-to-day operations such as the maintenance and handling of your business technology. Our goal is to improve your productivity and eliminate any downtime while ensuring your IT network is secure. All of our IT services such as our Cybersecurity Solutions, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery Planning, and more are available for a reasonable monthly fee.
Contacting multiple third-party service providers to handle different aspects of your business technology is time-consuming and ultimately, an expensive, often unforeseen labor expense. However, if you partner with a Managed IT service provider like us, you won’t have to pay these high costs or endure long downtime waiting for IT problems to get resolved. Outsourcing IT support will help small businesses avoid these pitfalls, as a single IT service provider will handle all of these issues for a fixed, predictable fee.
A team of certified IT experts that have the relevant experience of managing IT in your business or industry should be the minimum qualification when choosing an IT consultant. Viewing a portfolio of past work or verifying if this expert has delivered proven results in the past will be important determining factors for you to consider as well.
Sure, we can give you recommendations that suit your needs and budget. We will also source these solutions for you as we have existing relationships with world-class IT vendors and our team will even implement them into your IT networks.
Finding a balance between realistic objectives and anticipating risks go a long way in achieving success for your organization. IT projects that are too unrealistic or risky tend to cost your organization both time and money, but this can be avoided at the outset through smart planning.
We find that most companies haven’t considered certain improvements that can easily boost their productivity or reduce their IT costs. There are also better IT solutions that we can implement that unlock much more utility for your business and we also proactively deal with small IT issues before they can become larger issues down the line.

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